Welcome to Pamela Offret Designs! 

I make glass jewelry and other delightful accouterments!  I'm a lampworker using borosilicate glass, melt it in a torch, and sculpt it into all kinds of interesting wearables.  This has been a passion of mine for almost a decade and is now my main artistic focus. 

Although most of my offerings are glass, I occassionally slip and something non-glassy emerges, as old habits die hard.  For the last twenty-some-odd-years, I've been a costume designer creating bespoke costumes for the pagan, belly dance,fire dance, theatre and Burning Man communities. 

I think people create fascinating stories and I like to think my trinkets might have a special place in them.  I have a BFA in Theatrical Costume Design with which I mercilessly use to keep dressing and decorating interesting characters.


You'll find me at Portland Saturday Market most weekends from March through December 24th or at the events in my Calendar page!  


Please pardon my mess as my website is currently under construction.  Please feel free to check back from time to time or drop me a note through the Contacts page and I will let you know when my shop is functioning!