Welcome to Pamela Offret Designs! 

I am a local artist offering handmade lampworked glass jewelry, copper electroformed accessories, unique costumes pieces and other delightful accouterments. Come on by and explore unusual adornments that collaborate with YOUR remarkable expression!


Lampworking (also known as flamework and torch work) is a type of glass art where a torch is used to melt the glass.  Once in a molten state, the glass object is formed by blowing and shaping manually, with tools and with gravity. 

In my work, I primarily use borosilicate glass which is the same as Pyrex.  Borosilicate is considered a “hard glass” and is less likely to break or shatter.  My recycled glass pendants are made from old bottles and are considered soda lime glass or a “soft glass”.  All my glass pieces are annealed overnight in a digital kiln for even more durability and strength.


Electroforming is a method of fusing layers of copper onto an object using electricity.  The copper “skin” is electrically formed when positively charged copper is released and, moving through an electrolyte bath, attracted to an object given a negative charge.  It is much like plating in metals but done over a longer period of time (23+ hours), creating an organic looking buildup of the metal with unique textures. 

I use recycled copper whenever I can and keep the copper on my finished pieces bare so that it can patina naturally.  Those sensitive to copper can clear coat it to create a barrier between metal and skin.  Copper on delicate substrates (like bees and feathers) are strengthened by the metal but please keep in mind that it can be bent, much like a piece of copper wire.

Electroformed Bees

Real honey bees encased in copper.  These bees died of natural causes, and were gathered from the hives of local bee keepers.  Bees are essential to life as pollinators of a third of the world’s food supply.


Electroformed Wasps

Real Wasps encased in copper.  Even Jerks of Nature are beneficial to the world by eating agricultural pests and as pollinators.


Electroformed Feathers

Real peacock feathers and locally found feathers encased in copper.


I think people create fascinating stories and I like to think my trinkets might have a special place in them.  I have a BFA in Theatrical Costume Design with which I mercilessly use to keep dressing and decorating interesting characters.


You'll find me at Portland Saturday Market most weekends from March through December 24th or at the events in my Calendar page!